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About Us

Here we are, Pina and Mauro, owners of Tenuta Montegrande, a country residence built in 1893 and now a three-star bed & breakfast

The villa rises up on the rolling hills of Monferrato, the renown wine-producing area with top-level products such as Barbera, Freisa, Grignolino and Cortese: 

our historical cellar dug in turf, with the traditional “infernot”, the antique press and vintage oak barrels worth a visit!

The villa stands in a fenced park of 18,000 sqm in a property of 7 hectares partly cultivated in hazelnuts, where - besides a great variety of fine plants such as magnolia, sofore, holly, birch and tamarisk -  one can find a majestic, one century-old lebanon cedar, historical symbol of the house.

To finish off a swimming-pool with solarium, excellently positioned with a magnificent view of the Ligurian and Piedmont Alps. Private parking.

Our adventure began thirty years ago with the house on the hill, the refuge of the family: two daughters, a grandmother with a passion for the vegetable garden and lots of animals!

We offer a discreet hospitality, genuine lifestyle and enjoyment of uncontaminated nature. 
There you will meet us collecting fruits or eggs from our hens, while we dry herbs for infusions, or in the cellar to bottle the wine.

We inherited the dream of this house on the hill by grandfather Alfredo and we carry it forward with the passion and love that one have for the most precious things, those that grow in our hands

NOTICE: Access is allowed only to guests with reservations.

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